Team Bridges at Pacific Indoor Eventing Show

by / Saturday, 11 July 2015 / Published in Pony Club

Members of the Bridges Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center recently competed in the Pacific Indoor Eventing Show in San Juan Capistrano, California. The event, hosted by Auburn Excell of Excell Pony Club Riding Center and Taren Atkinson of Copper Meadows Event Training, was held at our stable on June 13th

Indoor Eventing is a relatively new concept in which cross country obstacles are brought into an indoor ring. The course integrates the cross country questions with some traditional show jumping fences. It is all scored as optimum time. Many local sponsors donated great prizes and silent auction items. A portion of the silentauction proceeds went towards a local Thoroughbred Rescue.

Although our Pony Club focuses primarily on the Hunter Seat Equitation Track, we had a fantastic time competing in a different format over different types of obstacles. It was great to “step out of the box” and do something a little bit different.  Being a Pony Club Riding Center we already had a connection to many of the other riders at the event, but with over 10 Pony Clubs represented we got to meet Pony Club Members from all over Southern California, from several different regions.

After competing, we got to watch the $1,000 Gambler’s Choice Class and have a really yummy dinner with all the competitors, trainers, sponsors and parents.