B.E.S.T. at OCHSA Finals

by / Thursday, 06 November 2014 / Published in Horse Shows

The Bridges Equestrian Show Team had a blast at OCHSA Finals!

We moved in on Monday afternoon after spending the morning bathing our horses, cleaning all of our tack, and getting everything organized at the barn.  We finished setting up our Halloween/Fall Themed Show Set Up once we got to Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park and were so impressed with all of the work that Kendra, Devon and Luis had done while we were at the barn.  Cailin, Gabby, Oliver, Smokey, Chammy and Fiona trailered well and settled right into their stalls!


Tuesday was spent doing warm-ups, carving pumpkins, and even doing some homework.  All of the horses and ponies were on their best behavior.  They must have known that this was a pretty special event!

Wednesday was the first day of the actual show!  Maddy and Oliver had a few Jumper Classes and everyone else did warm ups in the arenas where they were showing.  That afternoon we cheered on Devon and Henry to Reserve Champion in the Profession Equitation Challenge and then watched Devon and Charley in the Bad to the Bone 5-Bar Challenge.

Thursday was the first day of showing for Nikki and Gabby and Holly and Smokey.  We had a great time in the Academy Classes which are special classes for just school horses.  That evening was the Audi Ride and Drive and Kendra and Oliver took 3rd with Devon driving!

Friday was a busy day as EVERYONE WAS SHOWING!!! We all had a blast and had so much fun dressing up our ponies for the Halloween Costume Class!  Elysia

photo (41)and Smokey were a Policeman and Policewoman, Nicoletta and Gabby were Little Bo Peep and her Sheep, Holly and Cailin were Mrs. Claus, Xiaobo and Chammy were an angel and a devil, Noah was Spiderman, and Maddy and Oliver were Zombies.

Saturday and Sunday went by like a blur!  We were showing in all three arenas!  We watched Devon and Henry lay down an incredible round in the Hunter Derby and immensely enjoyed the Progressive Dinner and Barn Dance on Saturday Night.  We danced until the DJ turned off the music.


We packed up on Sunday and headed home with lots of pictures, ribbons, and memories to last a lifetime!