Bridges Equestrian Training Philosophy


Our goal at Bridges Equestrian is to promote the enjoyment of the horse and human relationship.

In my eyes, there is nothing as awesome as reaching toward a horse and having them reach toward me. This happens on the ground, it happens in

the saddle, and it happens within your mind. It cannot happen in an environment that contains fear, aggression, or impatience. Understanding comes from both sides, and cannot be forced by either.

At Bridges Equestrian we give our students the tools to communicate with the horse. You learn to evaluate your horse’s mood, to work within their personality, and to enjoy what each and every horse has to offer. Understanding individual horses and their personalities, and to be able to perform the “dance” that is riding comes from practice. We as instructors act as interpreters between you and the horse, and coach you in the sport of riding. We will help you develop your own communication link.

As time goes on, and you perfect the “dance” that is riding, you may wish to perform. For this we established the Bridges Equestrian Show Team. It is a competitive show team, again based on the horse-rider link. We stress sportsmanship, teamwork with the horses and other riders as well as personal excellence. As impressive as the Bridges Equestrian Show Team is, it exists with the understanding that real blue ribbons aren’t won in the show arena. The real blue ribbons are won at home during hours of work and dedication.

The real blue ribbon is won the moment you and the horse reach toward each other and touch.

Ruthanna Bridges

President and Founder

Bridges Equestrian, Inc.