Camp Dates 2020 – 2021

Please note:

Due to the COVID Pandemic, we have had to cut back our number of camp spots to allow for social distancing. These spots will fill fast!  Confirm sign-up with full payment due at time of enrollment. Half day spots usually fill by February. Just sayin.

Ages 8+ please. (yes, we used to take 7 year olds, but had two 6 year olds get fibbed into camp last summer, so we had to raise the age. Yeah, someone always has to ruin it for everybody…)


Each week has 9 full day spots (half day is not available)

  • Full Day is 9am-4pm; Includes 2 full riding lessons Cost $820

3 Day Camp! $600 Two full lessons per day!

      • Dec 21-23 (Three Day camp 9-4 $600)
      • Dec 28-30 (Three Day camp 9-4 $600)
      • Dec 31 (Single Day Camp 9-4, $225)

Summer 2021 Camps!

  • June 7-11
  • June 14-18
  • June 21-25
  • June 28 – July 2 (Advanced Camp Only)
  • July 7-9 (Single Full Days only)
  • July 12-16
  • July 19-23  (Advanced Camp Only)
  • July 26-30
  • August 2-6 (Teen Camp; riders 12yrs – 16yrs)
  • August 9-13

Each week has 6 full day spots, and 2 half day spots, unless otherwise noted.

  • Full Day is 9am-4pm; Includes 2 full riding lessons Cost $850
  • Half day; 9am-12noon; Includes 1 full riding lesson Cost $500
  • Single Days (July 7, 8 & 9) Includes 2 full riding lessons, no half day available.
  • Afternoon of Horses 12:00pm – 4:00pm Includes 1 full riding lesson Cost $125 per day. (add on to am half day only; per availability)

ADVANCED camp! Bridges Monthly Members only, Ages 10+, BRIDGES riders Levels 3+, All Day only. Special Emphasis every day on a different competitive aspect such as, Open Horse Showing, IEA, IEL, Pony Club, Training, etc.

ADULT CAMP!  Why should the kiddos have all the fun! Finally, a camp for “big kids!”  3 day comprehensive horsemanship and riding camp just for over 18 year old riders! Must be a current Bridges Level 1+ rider.