Wednesday 5/20/20 10:52am

We are officially back open, with private & group lessons, and camps! Check out our current COVID-19 PROTOCOL & LIABILITY RELEASES.


Sunday 9-6-20

The waiting list continues! We were able to get most riders on from our initial waiting list once camps were over, but now we’re back up to 40 on the waiting list. At this time, we are not accepting any new students. This week our struggle is the HEAT! Today, 104!  Holy cow! We’ve moved all the lessons to the early morning, and are hosing horses in the afternoons. Our fantastic staff and volunteers are taking shifts to make sure water buckets are filled (the horses have automatic waterers, but they get warm and the horses won’t drink. They like nice cool buckets, so we make sure they have bucket water when it’s hot like this.

ANTICIPATING ORANGE COUNTY COVID RED LEVEL: This won’t really change things for us. To still protect our staff and students, we require all riders and spectators to wear masks. You are welcome to watch from the sanctity of your car if you prefer not to wear a mask. Since we are still trying to socially distance, please stay in your car if at all possible.

Monday, August 24, 2020

GREAT job, herd! We made it through camps with joyful enthusiasm, and now greet the heat! Thank you to everyone who wore masks, washed hands (and horses), and otherwise kept us not only surviving, but THRIVING! As of right now, we are so full that for the first time in our history, we have a waiting list! A 52 person waiting list!

Our COVID protocol to reopen in May was masks if within 6 feet (not while riding; the horses are really good at the whole social distancing thing), gloves and have your own equipment.

Wednesday 4-8-20 9:16am

We’re muddling through, aren’t we? I hope this missive finds you and yours healthy and entertained. The horses are all enjoying their vacations, and our little herd of volunteers & staff are seeing to their care. We sure miss all of you! Hoping for May 1.

Monday 3-23-20, 11:22am

We are set to try our first Zoom BRIDGES Barn Meeting at 5:00 this evening. Check our Facebook Page (link above) for details! We have a few riding opportunities leases, so stay tuned for information on those.


Friday; 3-20-20 6:18pm


Well, that all changed, now didn’t it? We are closed for lessons right now, at least until the first week in April. I have to give a huge THANK YOU to our clients who have stood beside us and paid for April with the promise of make up lessons.

The “Shelter at Home” order specifically exempts Equestrian. I think because we can distance. We have chosen to stop for now to allow things to settle down, and uphold the “spirit” of the request and keep folks home. If it looks prudent, we will open back up to our lessees, and owners only, on a very limited basis, private lessons only.

Once we’re told we can, we will reopen first to our lessees, then to Monthly Members, to allow for as many make ups as we can accommodate, then back open to the public. That’s the plan.

Meanwhile, we’re scrambling to put things together, but here’s a sneak-peek… Virtual Horsemanship via Zoom!

We ran the test today and my internet connection dropped a couple of times, so I need to work that out, and how to integrate the different options. As time goes on, it should get better and better.

First session is set for next Monday, March 23: A quick tour of the BRIDGES office, some talk about what we’re doing with the horses while you’re away, AND, All about Pony Club!

We’ll finish up with a Q&A for me, and some highlights of future Virtual Horsemanship meetings.

This will be a free class for anyone who would like to attend. Future classes will be free to paid Monthly members, and a small fee to other attendees. These classes will be recorded and available for review at a later time, as well!

PONY CLUB MEMBERS! We will be conducting Unmounted Meetings online as well. 1st meeting, set for March 30th (time to be announced), will be prepping for your D1/D2 test. After our first meeting, we will be hosting the entire region for our Virtual Pony Club meetings!

Please follow our Facebook page above. That will have the MOST updated information.

THANK YOU!!! Keep calm and RIDE ON!

Hugs & ponies, Ruthanna


Latest Update: 3-19-2020 @5:52pm

Hello Herd!

Your herd Mare Ruthanna, here again with a BRIDGES herd update:

Wow. What a difference a day makes… and then the next it all changes again!

After an apparent reconsideration, the County of Orange put out a “just kidding” retraction of their previous order that saw all businesses except essentials closed. SO, we are once again, good to do go!

That said, we’re all scrunched into the covered arenas due to the rain, so we are suspending all beginning lessons, including private and level 1 lessons with the exception of leases and sponsorships.

We will be practicing our social distancing and taking some extreme measures to see that we minimize contact with each other. We ask that you stay in your car until it is time to ride. We will tack and untack your horse.

You will show up, we’ll give you a squirt of hand sanitizer, have you hop on, ride, hop off, another squirt and off you go!

We will not be loaning helmets or boots, so if you do not have this equipment you’ll either need to purchase it, or reschedule your lesson.

We will work on this scale through the end of the month. We should have outdoor arenas back up and be able to spread out a little more.

We will be “fanning out” the schedule so that we don’t have more than 4 people at the barn at the same time.

These things are changing hourly, so stay tuned for updates! I will be posting updates on the Website and our Facebook page starting tomorrow am.

Most importantly, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for the outpouring of support. Your support will keep the herd together. It certainly is keeping ME together!

-Ruthanna Bridges, Founder & Lead Mare, Bridges Equestrian