Very little is required in order to begin your riding lessons at Bridges Equestrian. We provide helmets in the beginning, but if you decide to continue beyond your first month, we require that you purchase your own helmet and appropriate clothing. These can be purchased from American Horse Products or other area tack shops.

Bridges Equestrian requires helmets be worn at all times by ALL riders. Bridges Equestrian staff and trainers all ride with helmets. We value you and your head, and we take our responsibility as role–models for our younger students VERY seriously. Any RIDING APPROVED helmet will do, your choice.

You don’t need to purchase these things all at once! We recommend that you start with a helmet and work your way down the list.

HELMET – Properly fitted ASTM/SEI Certified Riding Helmet. Any color is ok but if you’re going to show at any point you will want need a black one.
BOOTS/HALF CHAPS – Paddock boots or field boots. Most riders find paddock boots with half chaps most comfortable. Black preferred. No rubber or PVC riding boots, please.
BREECHES/JODHPURS – Riding pants. Any color is ok but will need to be tan or khaki if you’re planning to show (and don’t want to buy two pairs).
CROP – Any color is ok. You’ll want a black one if you show but make sure you put your name on it!
SPURS – Ask your trainer if you’ve “earned your spurs”. If so, you’ll want a ¼” spur with black straps.

Click here for a printable list: Tack Store Checklist

Going to show? Please see our specific Show Attire Requirements.