Horseback Riding for Children’s Weight Loss

by / Monday, 23 September 2013 / Published in Blog

Children who avoid exercise are frequently simply bored by it, or feel they are not athletically inclined and are embarrassed. Anyone can ride, and ride well. You don’t need to be particularly athletic. The horse, fortunately, is athletic enough for both of us.

A good program with kind gentle horses will have your child in the fresh air and sunshine in no time! We have found if you put a brush in a child’s hand and a calm pony in front of it, they are brushing, picking feet, carrying saddles, sweeping, cleaning stalls, washing horses and riding them in no time. Once they’re on the horse they’re moving, legging, balancing, posting the trot (rising up and down with the rhythm of the trot), navigating over and around exercises; and that’s just in the beginning. Once they get to cantering and jumping little fences it’s a lot of work. Great, exciting FUN work! It will have the little dears asleep in the back seat of the car before you leave the parking lot.

What little girl doesn’t love horses? What little boy hasn’t dreamed of being a cowboy? Maybe they’re a little afraid? A bit shy? How about a nice pony? A good program will be able to accommodate even the most cautious child with a variety of horses, ponies and instructors. Horseback riding for girls and horseback riding for boys too; riding is great exercise and a great “herd” experience. Even very shy children can bond with and through a good horse.

Horseback riding for children builds confidence, and teaches responsibility. They must convey their commands to the horse or pony, and then deal with the outcome. A good program will have clear and concise progression so the child sees themselves progress. They can make life-long friends with this common passion, and become part of a group of people that will forever accept them. Children naturally want to be part of a group. With horses they don’t need to be the prettiest, the richest, or the most athletic. They just need to love horses.

Vastly important is to find a good organized program with responsible mentors and other little friendly children. United States Pony Club offers this kind of program. Not all Pony Clubs are alike. You need one with good gentle horses and educated instructors, organized around a good professional riding school program. Programs like our Bridges Equestrian School of Horsemanship offer 27 horses and ponies, and 7 patient instructors. All instructors are CPR/First Aid Certified and College educated. The entire program is United States Pony Club approved and the program follows the USPC standards, and operates out of a beautiful facility in San Juan Capistrano with covered arenas and beautiful tree covered walkways.

Riding and learning about horses is great fun and exercise for kids of all ages. Come visit us at Bridges Equestrian and give it a try!