Horseback Riding for Fitness

SunnyBrooke The saying that the horse does all of the work in horseback riding couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact, horseback riding at the trot burns over 450 calories/hour for a 150 lb person.  This is about the same amount of calories as hiking  or playing tennis for an hour.

On top of burning calories, horseback riding is great for toning up your legs, abs, arms and back muscles.  Because of the nature of horseback riding, a wide variety of muscles are used at different times.  This is good because no one muscle group gets overly tired, but many muscles are used.

At Bridges Equestrian, our horseback riding lessons consist of 45 minutes on the horse and then about 30 minutes of horse care – grooming, tacking, etc.  Horseback riding for fitness is attainable at almost every level of riding.  Even those just learning to trot will be able to feel as though they have gotten a work out and will start to experience the positive effects of this fantastic sport.