Ponies of the Sea in Newport Beach

Years ago, I was sitting on my surfboard off the Newport Pier, watching the dolphins play in the surf. It was that very moment that I developed the analogy I would use in a lifetime of teaching horseback riding lessons at Bridges Equestrian. Dolphins are the ponies of the sea!

Some people seem to feel that ponies are inferior to horses. Not so! They are the feisty little high-energy counterparts to their larger cousins, the riding horse. You can compare dolphins and whales, and draw the comparison to ponies and horses very easily.

Whales are large and powerful, but pound for pound dolphins have them beat fins down! Ponies are more powerful pound for pound, hooves down! Ponies and dolphins are both quick, agile, inquisitive and have a wonderful sense of play. Whales and horses too, but in a somewhat more subdued fashion.

It is no coincidence that ponies, horses, whales and dolphins share that special place of awe and majesty in most of our hearts. We at Bridges Equestrian have spent our lives making that connection to those who find horses in their hearts. Come join us and discover the magic in the world of horses!


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