Interscholastic Equestrian Association

Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 6.55.27 AMThe Bridges Equestrian IEA Teams are members of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and are open to riders in grades 6th through 12th from any public, private charter or home school. The Middle School Teams are made up of riders in grades 6 – ­8 and the Upper School Teams are made up of riders in grades 9 – ­12.

IEA provides an opportunity for riders who do not own their own horses to show economically. IEA also provides a team component to riding in an otherwise individualized sport. IEA also “levels the playing field” because the horses that the riders show are randomly drawn. All members must be in training or take weekly lessons at Bridges Equestrian or another facility. To be eligible for membership, riders must be capable of walking, trotting and cantering in a group of other
riders on unfamiliar horses.

2018/2019 IEA Presentation

2018/2019 IEA Team Information

2018/2019 IEA Show Schedule

October 6 IEA Moorepark
December 8-9 IEA Moorepark
January 5-6 IEA Moorepark
January 26-27 IEA Moorepark
February IEA Regional Finals (if qualified; Date & Location TBA)
March 23 IEA Region Banquet
April 26-28 IEA National Finals (If qualified; Harrisburg, PA)