1. Fill out the Application
a. Sign BOTH sides!
b. Include your check for $130* made out to USPC for your yearly Dues.
c. Include your check for $30 to So. Cal Region for Regional Dues if you are joining in September, $20 if you join in January 2013 or after (the extra $10 is for the remainder for 2012)

d. include a check for $30 to Bridges Equestrian for c
2. Give to Ruthanna (you can give it to an instructor, yard manager, or put it in the green
I will make two copies: I will keep one in the club file, send the original to the National Office and a copy to the region with your region dues. You will receive your membership from National, along with a Pony Club pin.

* members joining after Sept 1, 2012 may join for the remainder of 2012 and all of 2013 for $160.

You will also need to buy:
1. A USPC Medical Release armband, for all the USPC events. You can buy this from the
USPC website bookstore HERE, or from our schedule site online store.
2. The “D” Manual. The cost is $14.95 + shipping + tax. HERE
3. A team shirt. You can order the shirt off of our website as well. Either the black polo or
the green tee’s are appropriate. The black polo is required for outside events.
That’s it! Pony Club meetings are currently on Saturdays at noon (check the meetings page for dates/times). You can keep up‐to‐date with what is going on by visiting our website and following our calender.