Volunteering Opportunities with Bridges Equestrian!

Do you want extra stable time? Do you think someday you may want to be a Yard Manager or a Riding Instructor? There are great opportunities to learn more about working with horses, and be part of the part of the magic! (NOTE: due to the volume of helpers in our program, availability for helper positions may be limited).

Volunteer Helpers: Our first recruits start out as Helpers. Here you will learn the refine the skills necessary to help groom, tack, feed, clean, bathe, set courses, keep up the equipment, and take care of our program in general. Helpers must be a minimum of 12 years old, (10 years if a member of our Pony Club) and be responsible and mature enough to be safely at the stable with minimal supervision. Helpers must also be currently enrolled in our Monthly membership Program, or full training. Helpers may get extra riding time in the event an appropriate horse needs to be worked, but it is rare.

Volunteers: Once you get these skills down, you may be ready to teach it to other students! Then we start working on your instruction technique. Summer Camp is a great time to do this, as there are instructing opportunities for almost every level. Volunteers at this level can be Camp Counselors. You will be scheduled for shifts of half day, and assist the camp staff. Volunteers may get extra riding time in the event an appropriate horse needs to be worked, but it is not guaranteed. Volunteers have the same requirements as Volunteer Helpers, and must be at least 12 years old.  

Carrot Program: Once a student is self sufficient, responsible and knowledgeable enough to work unassisted, they are eligible to enter our Carrot Program. This program allows volunteers to earn extra saddle time, either in lessons or practice rides. In order to be eligible for the Carrot Program, students must be over the age of 13, be currently enrolled in our Monthly membership Program, be currently enrolled in our Pony Club, and have attained at least a D2 in Horse Management.

Staff: We most frequently hire from within our program, both for part time and summer jobs. Students within our program who have worked through the Carrot program, and showed the dedication, skills and responsibility, will be first in line for paid Camp Counselor or Yard Staff positions.


Rules for Volunteers/Carrot Program:

  1. Volunteers are here to help Bridges Equestrian.
  2. Volunteers must stay in our defined area, and not go over to other barns or other training areas.
  3. Boundaries are; the hot walker, the restroom area, inside of ShadyVista Barn aisle, our end of the large covered arena, front of field house barn (parking lot side), cross ties by field house, and the back side of Mission barn, just beyond stall M112. Inside of Mission  barn, the boundary is our boot/helmet locker.
  4. You must check in and check out, so we know you’re there, or have gone home for the day.
  5. The front office is definitely off limits. Please bring any food or drinks you will need for the day with you. We do have water and a refrigerator available. Anything left in the refrigerator on Friday will be disposed of.
  6. Treats brought for everyone can go in the lounge. Treats brought for the staff only, can be left in the office.
  7. Only staff & helpers in the office. No students/campers.
  8. In the event we are on “sign up only” days, please inform us if you cannot fulfill your shift so we can get someone else. Three no-shows on a scheduled helper day and you can’t be a helper any longer.
  9. There will be an adult in attendance all day, however helpers will have minimal supervision.