Employee Manual – Heat Injury Prevention

Bridges Equestrian Inc. Heat Injury Prevention Plan (HIPP)



The following designated persons have the authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of this program at this worksite:


Ruthanna Bridges Owner 949 413 0591

Allison Carpenter Manager 949 395 8349



  • A 20 gallon drinking water container is available onsite and will be filled by opening staff on any day that is projected to reach 85 degrees or higher.  This container will be kept in the lounge. Disposable cups are always available.
  • Water bottles and Gatorade are available for purchase during normal business hours at the front office of Sycamore Trails Stables.
  • A refrigerator is provided in the Bridges Equestrian Inc. lounge for employees to keep drinks cool.  
  • Employees are encouraged to keep water with them throughout the day and sip on water as needed.
  • Employees have adequate time between lessons to refill their water bottles and drink more water.



  • On hot days, most lessons should be taught in one of the three covered arenas on site.
  • The Bridges Equestrian Office has an Air Conditioner that can cool down that room in less than 5 minutes.  The Air Conditioner will be turned on and left running on any day the temperature is expected to exceed 90 degrees.  Employees are encouraged to spend some time between lessons to cool off and can eat their lunch in there if they want.  The AC can be turned on any day that employees would like.
  • The barn and lounge are shaded as well.  The lounge is equipped with a fan.



  • The supervisor will be trained and instructed to check in advance the extended weather forecast. Weather forecasts can be checked with the aid of the internet (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/). The work schedule will be planned in advance, taking into consideration whether high temperatures or a heat wave is expected.
  • Prior to each workday, the forecasted temperature and humidity for the worksite will be reviewed and
    will be compared against the National Weather Service Heat Index to evaluate the risk level for heat
    illness. Determination will be made of whether or not workers will be exposed at a temperature and
    humidity characterized as either “extreme caution” or “extreme danger” for heat illnesses. It is important
    to note that the temperature at which these warnings occur must be lowered as much as 15 degrees if
    the workers under consideration are in direct sunlight.
  • Prior to each workday, the supervisor will monitor the weather (using http://www.nws.noaa.gov/) at the worksite. This critical weather information will be taken into consideration, to determine, when it will be necessary to make modifications to the work schedule.



For purposes of this section only, “heat wave” means any day in which the predicted high temperature for
the day will be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit and at least ten degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average high daily temperature in the preceding five days.

  • During a heat wave or heat spike, the work day may be cut short or rescheduled.
  • During a heat wave or heat spike, all employees will watch out for each other and make sure that they notice any signs of heat illness in each other and the other clients.



  • Any day where the temperature is projected to exceed 95 degrees, any lessons that must be conducted outside of the three covered arenas will be cancelled.
  • Lessons at peak heat times will be rescheduled for times when it will not be as hot or cancelled when the temperature is projected to exceed 95 degrees.
  • Effective communication and direct observation for alertness and/or signs and symptoms of heat illness will be conducted frequently.
  • Employees will be reminded constantly throughout the work shift to drink plenty of water and take
    preventative cool-down rest break when needed.



  • The address is permanently posted on both dry erase boards.  Additionally, by communicating to dispatchers that you are at “Sycamore Trails Stables” will ensure emergency personnel arrive directly.
  • All employees are expected to carry a working cell phone on them at all times while working and answer it when a supervisor calls.
  • During a heat wave or hot temperatures, workers will be reminded and encouraged to immediately report to their supervisor any signs or symptoms they are experiencing



  • When an employee displays possible signs or symptoms of heat illness, a trained first aid worker
    or supervisor will check the sick employee and determine whether resting in the shade and
    drinking cool water will suffice or if emergency service providers will need to be called. A sick
    worker will not be left alone in the shade, as he or she can take a turn for the worse!
  • Emergency service providers will be called immediately if an employee displays signs or
    symptoms of heat illness (decreased level of consciousness, staggering, vomiting, disorientation, irrational behavior, incoherent speech, convulsions, red and hot face), does not look OK or does not get better after drinking cool water and resting in the shade. While the ambulance is in route, first aid will be initiated (cool the worker: place the worker in the shade, remove excess layers of clothing, place ice pack in the armpits and groin area and fan the victim). Do not let a sick worker leave the site, as they can get lost or die before reaching a hospital!



  • Managers will be trained prior to being assigned to supervise other workers. Training will include this
    company’s written procedures and the steps supervisors will follow when employees’ exhibit symptoms consistent with heat illness.
  • Managers will  provide water, shade, cool-down rests, and access to first aid as well as the employees’ right to exercise their rights under this standard without retaliation.
  • All employees will be trained in appropriate first aid and/or emergency responses to different types of heat illness, and in addition, that heat illness may progress quickly from mild symptoms and signs to serious and life threatening illness.
  • All employees will take the Heat Illness Module offered by United States Pony Club
  • Employees will be trained on the steps that will be followed for contacting emergency medical services.

Heat Injury Prevention Plan