Pony Pal Lessons

kendra pp

Our Pony Pal Program is Currently Full.  Please CLICK HERE to be added to our wait list.

The challenge has always been how to start our youngest riders safely, and keep fanning that little spark we hope will turn into a passion of their lifetime…

Our “littles” equestrian journey is very different from our older children riders. At 5 & 6 years old, they can still be easily frightened. There’s no reasoning with a 5 year old that has just been knocked on his/her rear by a big friendly head reaching for a carrot. They’re scared, and that’s that. And we’ve lost them. That is heartbreaking for the horse world.

In addition to the “fear switch,” riding is an extremely physical sport! Even the smallest of horses is a lot of work to move about! Each lesson is running a marathon for a little. How do we teach them, make it fun, and not make it more work than they can handle?

After years of work, we’ve come up with the solution…The Bridges Equestrian Pony Pal Program!  Tailor made for the 5-7 year old crowd (until they can go into a semi private), we offer classes centered around riding and horse management, appropriate to their age/maturity level.

These classes are offered at specific times during the week. The riding portion is 30 minutes, with “Horse Management” in between. Horse Management follows the United States Pony Club Junior member program. Our Pony Pals are encouraged (but not required) to join USPC to take full benefit of the program. Our Pony Pals will be working toward what constitutes the “D-1” Certification of Pony Club.

Pony Pals can even earn badges in such important Horse Management areas such as grooming, tack cleaning, leading, stable care!  Each week will have a different theme, Parallelling our regular Pony Club program.

Program Particulars:

  • The Pony Pal Program will be monthly membership, and will assure the rider of their place in the class. No need to schedule, you will be permanently guaranteed your place until you tell us otherwise. This permanent scheduled lesson may be changed at any time, per availability.
  • The cost is $250 per month, and includes 4 lessons in that month.
  • The riding portion of the lesson will be a private lesson. The Horse Management portion will be semi private.
  • Membership is month to month, with memberships being charged out on the 20th for the following month.
  • Riders may stop the membership at any time with 30 days notice.
  • There will be only 12 permanent spots, so if a rider stops for a month, we will take someone off the waiting list. If a rider then wishes to return, they go to the bottom of the waiting list.
  • Cancellations made (by email or online only) more than 60 minutes from the start of class may be made up any of 3 ways:
    • on the 5th lesson on a month with 5 lesson days
    • on another open spot if available
    • The riding portion only may be made up during designated “riding only” private lesson spots.

NOTE:  Only one cancellation will “roll over” onto the next month.

  • In the event of holidays or vacations, prior arrangements may be possible to open an additional class temporarily to accommodate the Pony Pal’s riding portion of the make ups, per availability. The horsemanship portion can be made up by appointment during another Pony Pal lesson block.
  • In the event a rider “loses” a cancellation, they are welcome to come to a horse management session to make up that portion, during any horse management session (by appointment).
  • In the event of rain, our lesson will still go on, with an extended Horse Management lesson, although we will not be riding. We will no longer cancel due to inclement weather.

(949) 858-0970 or info@bridgesequestrian.com