Ruthanna Bridges

Born in Long Beach California, Ruthanna’s riding career began in 1966 with a trip to the dump with her father. Ruthanna heard a horse winnie, and she was off. Dad and brother Bruce were forced to promise a trip to the stable next door in order to pry her from the chain link fence. The rest is history.

Ruthanna grew up riding Hunters, Western Pleasure, Gymkhana, Hunters, Eventers, and eventually Dressage. Some of the trainers she rode with include: Jimmy Williams of Flintridge, JoAnne Postell and Nancy Turrill of Foxfield, Richard Shrake, Mark Mullen, Tom Betts, Becky Maffai, Gregg Mosuer, Ila Kasad, Bill Gobie, Bob Anderson, Burt Phillips, and even a clinics with Monty Foreman!

Ruthanna started Bridges Equestrian in 1981 training for Bolt Arabians. She freelance trained at horse-owner’s homes for a few years, then taught for the Seahorse Riding Academy at Crystal Cove. From there she went to Serrano Creek Ranch where she managed and ran the riding school, as well as the English Training program.

In 1985, with the birth of her son Devon, Ruthanna changed gears. For the first time in her life, something other than horses filled her heart. Determined to “be there” for the little guy, but still needing to work, she embarked on a journey to make a living with her little boy by her side. This included working a shoer’s supply shop, day care from her home, coaching gymkhana, selling Avon (imagine that?), and finally working at Santa Ana Feed.  While working at Santa Ana Feed, she had befriended Lynn Carter, and the two of them teamed up to form theBridges Training Stable at Peacock Hill Equestrian Center in Irvine Park. This was the start of Bridges Training Stable.

Over the following years, with Devon at her side, BTS grew. From Peacock Hill it moved to the rural Santiago Equestrian Center, then to El Toro Marine Base Stables in Irvine, and finally to the beautiful Sycamore Trails Stables in San Juan Capistrano where it would become Bridges Equestrian, Inc.

Together, Ruthanna and Devon continue to train competitive riders as well as recreational riders, building a program to offer every equestrian the avenue to pursue her/his dreams of horsemanship. As Devon took over the responsibility of the prestigious Bridges Equestrian Show Team, Ruthanna moved forward with the educational aspects of the riding program.

The Bridges team now consists of Devon as co-owner and head trainer, and a fantastic staff of instructors, coaches and assistants, all trained by TeamBridges. Ruthanna never loses sight of the horse and human team-mates that shape this wonderful existence, and never takes a day of it for granted. “To do what you love, and love what you do, is one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive.”