New Student Packet


Dear Horse Lover and those supporting them,

We’re so glad you’ve chosen Bridges Equestrian for your riding and horsemanship lessons! Here are some things you might like to know about us:


● We do have helmets and boots (for most sizes) for your first few lessons. After your introductory lessons, we ask that you purchase your own helmet, boots and leggings.
● Long pants down to your shoes. No capris or shorts. Please no tacks or brads on your back pockets that could scratch the saddles.
● Shoes should be hard shoes so if it gets under a horse’s foot your toes will be ok. We have plenty of toes of our own, we don’t need yours.
● Shirts with sleeves, short or long is fine. Please no spaghetti straps or tank tops. Shirts need to be tucked in or long enough to cover your belt-line when you’re bent over. We do have some great team shirts for sale for $15 each. WHERE

TO GO: (we’re only 2 minutes from the freeway off-ramp)
● 5 Fwy, get off on Junipero Serra, go West (a right if you were traveling southbound, a left if you were traveling northbound)
● The road dead-ends at Camino Capistrano, go left.
● The first signal is Oso Road, turn Right
● About a block up on your left is Sycamore Trails Stables. Turn in left at the white sign with the red tree on it that says “Sycamore Trails Stables”
● Straight ahead about 200 yards is a round planter with “SYCAMORE” in it. Drive straight back around that and past the brown building on your left. Then go straight back until you see the barn with “Mission” on the end of it (at the top, over the center aisle). We are all the way at the other end of that barn, #56.
● Call the number above if you’re lost and we’ll guide you in. (If you get to the Mission, or Avery Parkway, you’re lost. Go back.)

● Get you signed in (with the liability release and information)
● Get you all dressed out (boots, helmet, etc)
● Go to get your horse
● Tack and groom, and get to know each other
● Hop on and ride for 30 minutes.
● Dismount (carefully!) and groom your horse off (10 minutes) Whew! That’s a lot in a very short time!

We do ask:
● If there are any special health or learning issues or concerns, please bring them to the instructor’s attention PRIOR to your lesson starting. It may influence the choice of horse for you. There are very few things we cannot deal with, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone.
● Included with this note is a Liability Release. Horseback Riding is a sport and there is risk involved. Please read the release, fill it out, and bring with you first day. We have more if you forget.
● Sorry, no non-enrolled friends or family members near the horses. Spectators are welcome in our spectator area, or you can watch from your car next to the arena. Please no dogs. Please look over our barn rules and Sycamore Trails Stables rules.
● If you’re going to be late, please call the director at the number above. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, we cannot accommodate you or it will hold up the rest of the class. Please see the attached cancellation policy. That’s it! We look forward to seeing you very soon!