Horse Training


Your horse is an athlete. As such, he requires constant physical training, both for endurance and for maintaining his education.

Bridges Equestrian Training differs from lessons in that it involves both horse and rider. This program is for students with their own horses. Training programs are customized to allow for individual student/horse goals and follow the Bridges Equestrian Training Philosophy.

These programs involve the rider with every aspect of the horse’s training, re–training or maintenance.

Training is offered through Devon Bridges’ fantastic training program.

Full Training is for horses that need the attention of one of the qualified trainers at Bridges Equestrian. This program is designed to take your horse to the point where you can continue on your own with guidance if necessary.

Full Training is also beneficial for the competitive or young horse that needs to be kept “schooled up” when the rider cannot always be as consistent as possible.

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