USPC Quiz Championships Day 1

by / Saturday, 27 July 2013 / Published in Pony Club

Hi All!  Friday 7/26/13
We’re including some shots from our day in Virginia.  It was a long and amazing day!

First, everyone was out pretty early to get to the first day of competition.  We started with Classroom, where we sat in front of a panel of judges and they asked us questions.  We can’t tell you any of the questions because some of the groups have not had this phase yet, and then they’ll know what to study!  We did pretty well, all things considered.  Then we took a written test.  That was kinda hard.

After that, we got to eat lunch and see some of the pony games in the colosseum, and of course shop.  At 12:30 we went to barn phase.  There we had to work as a team to do some things like hitch a trailer and set up striding with some jumps.

After barn we had the afternoon off, so we went to THE Dover Saddlery.  Yes, THE Dover Saddlery!  The very same one we shop online with.  They had a big tent sale and they gave all of the competitors $5 coupons, which we all forgot.  Well, all but Brooke!  She got her $5 off.  Lucky.

After that, we went to the pool, which had a cool swim-under part that went to an indoor pool.  At 6:15 Mama M took us to dinner at a Bistro in the DARLING little town of Lexington Virginia.  We hope to go back to look around, because some of the buildings were built in 1802 and around then.  We walked through the park at the University next door, and caught fire flies.  They look like sparks shooting up out of the grass.  OH and we taught the “littles” (Olivia and Maddy) to do cartwheels in the grass.

We went back to the hotel and polished boots and hung around till way later than we should have all stayed up, and Mama B and Mama M enjoyed a glass of wine on the landing in two comfy chairs overlooking the hotel lobby, where they “reminded” the littles not to run up and down the hall.  Oh and Alex too ; )

We are all having a great time meeting other pony club riders and their folks.  We’ve made some friends we run into and hang out with, and have traded some pins to put on our banner.

Tomorrow is Mega room, and we need to study!

Your team,
The Beastly Bridges Equestrian Quiz Team
Competitors:  Alexis (Co-Team Captain) Aleena (Co-Team Captain) Brooke & Alex; Chaperones: Mama B, Mama M, and the Littles: Maddy & Olivia